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The search for land

When David was first thinking about the possibility of purchasing land, one of the main things that was high on the list was character. There is a lot of land available in the Ozarks but just because there is dirt doesn’t mean it has character. Rolling hills, streams, abundant wildlife, were all high on the list. He also knew that he wanted something close enough to a city that he wouldn’t be stranded in an emergency. He didn’t want to have an hour drive to get groceries, but he didn’t want to be next to a highway or be anywhere that a huge development could spring up around him and ruin the experience. But there was more than just character and location on David’s mind. He was also thinking about history. See, land has a story. Someone has owned it before you. And before them someone else owned it. Before anyone owned it, it was free and open. Maybe people walked and lived on that land for centuries before anyone was keeping track of who owned what. David knew that he wanted land that was more than woods and rocks. He wanted something that had a story. That combination of character, location, and story doesn’t come together often.


How did David come across the land? Who did he meet with first?

If a man owns a little property, that property is him, it’s part of him, and it’s like him. If he owns property only so he can walk on it and handle it and be sad when it isn’t doing well, and feel fine when the rain falls on it, that property is him, and some way he’s bigger because he owns it. Even if he isn’t successful he’s big with his property. That is so.


~John Steinbeck, The Grapes Of Wrath


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