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Farming in the ozark hills I look to the mountains; where will my help come from?
My help will come from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.
Psalm 121:1-2
Growing our own food We are beginning to grow our own food in our high tunnel. Watch us finish building it and learn to plant, cultivate, and harvest. Respecting the past We are working hard to develop our property while staying in touch with it's natural beauty and history.

Land with a purpose

Our three families have lived in major metropolitan areas. New York, D.C, Nashville, Dallas, Sacramento, Los Angeles… but our relationships and pace of life keep pulling us back to the Ozarks. Over the last 5 years, we have been able to purchase 30 acres of beautiful rolling hills in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. We are working every day to improve our property. We’re not professional farmers. We’re not homesteaders. We’re landowners. Check back often to see our stories as we learn about farming, livestock, and building a farm from scratch.

Our History

started looking at land


David Messner started looking for land in the Greene County area.

first land purchase


Michael Messner purchased land near the Wilson's Creek National Battlefied. This location ensures that....

first building


David Messner built the first barn and began the building process on his family's home. They are the first to move on to the property.

first animals on the land


We purchased two Dexter cows that were pregnant. They soon gave birth to two more heifers.

the begining of farming


We have been building our first high tunnel to grow our own food.

more animals


We begin breeding rabbits and receive our first delivery of baby chicks.


When David Messner was first thinking about the possibility of purchasing land, one of the main things that was high on the list was character. There is a lot of land available in the Ozarks but just because there is dirt doesn’t mean it has character. Rolling hills, streams, abundant wildlife, were all high on the list. He also knew that he wanted something close enough to a city that he wouldn’t be stranded in an emergency. He didn’t want to have an hour drive to get groceries, but he didn’t want to be next to a highway or be anywhere that a huge development could spring up around him and ruin the experience. But there was more than just character and location on David’s mind. He was also thinking about history. See, land has a story. Someone has owned it before you. And before them someone else owned it. Before anyone owned it, it was free and open. Maybe people walked and lived on that land for centuries before anyone was keeping track of who owned what. David knew that he wanted land that was more than woods and rocks. He wanted something that had a story. That combination of character, location, and story doesn’t come together often.

Our Family

We are three generations of business consultants, creative directors, engineers, who are learning how to grow food and....

Michael Messner

Mike enjoys working on the tractor almost as much as he loves...

David Messner
landowner and farmer

David and his family are the first to move onto our land full time. His time is spent tending to cattle and...

Sean Walker
farmer, builder,and tinkerer

Sean's background in technology and engineering is seen around the farm...

The Kids
future landowners

These are our children that will one day inherit our hard work and hopefully be able to pass it on to their children.